Thursday, September 4, 2008

orang munafik

That's "hypocrite" in Indonesian. It conjures up images of orange-glazed monkey for me. I'd like to say that orange-glazed monkey is just wrong, but then how would ducks feel? I don't want to be any more of a hypocrite than I already am.

Just the other night, I had a "discussion" with the husband about our (read: his) spending habits. I neglected to have that discussion with my Visa debit card. But who in their right mind can tell me that some dumb video game is *anywhere* near as cool as the Mud I ordered from Lorrie?

I could probably manage to completely empty my bank account at Our Name Is Mud. Instead, I'm going to con the husband into taking me to NYC when he gets home, just happen to find myself in front of a Mud store, and have him pay for cool stuff as a thank you for my allowing his children to live while he was away. Call me an orange-glazed monkey.


kwr221 said...

There are like 5 mugs (at least) that I want to order!

And I'm going to tear the limbs off of whichever offspring dropped their plate into the kitchen sink and CHIPPED my Domestic Goddess mug I got from Lorrie.

God help them.

But I still use it every morning.

PearlsOfSomething said...

I know, right? The woman is going to bankrupt me if dh doesn't get home quickly.

I will shoot the first child who goes near my mug. But only with a BB gun. Let's be reasonable.

Lorrie Veasey said...

OMGosh you guys STOP!!!

Kristin- just eme and have me send you a new domestic goddess

AND YOU! What a nice post!! E-me and tell me what you want and include your address. You Rock.