Friday, September 5, 2008

Kids say the darndest things.

This morning, I had to swing by J's old school to sign some paperwork. We've driven to/from/past that school for 3 years, and my girls have always been interested in the cemetery across the street. I wonder how long this has been weighing on my darling daughter's mind.

M: "Mom? People are under those stones, right?"
Me: "Yes. People were buried there when they died, and their names are on the stones."
M: "But are they all teachers?"

And my other lovely daughter takes the cake.

Me (reading): "But archaeologists don't just study ancient history. In fact, future archaeologists will study us one day."
H: "Yeah, but they'll study YOU first."


Tracy said...

I'd love to meet your kids someday. They crack me up!
~signed Tracy that you now know because you're in the real "posse". ; )

kwr221 said...

Cute. How's the homeschooling going?

How about this? Leave the kids with DH, hop on a plane and join us (me, Tracy, Jill, Sally, Sharon) in CHICAGO on September 26th!

PearlsOfSomething said...

Everyone made it through the week alive, so I guess that's a good sign. Honestly, I think it went really, really well. I'm just afraid of jinxing myself. :x

I would LOVE to be able to meet up with everyone in Chicago. The timing just really stinks for me. The coven has to take a back seat to hurricane season.