Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I am tired.

The husband came home Saturday. Woo hoo! 3 out of 4 kids got sick Saturday. Boo!

My home phone has been out since our thunderstorm last week. Whatever techno gadget controls Vonage is fried, so we had to order a new one. In the meantime, all of my home calls are forwarded to my cell phone.

Cell phone caller ID only gives the number of the caller if they're not programed into my phone. I don't know anyone's phone number, so I never know who is calling me. I haven't been answering my phone.

M's gymnastics class is in 1 hour, to be immediately followed by shoving McDonald's down our throats before our Roots and Shoots meeting. We have to eat McDonald's b/c we have no lunch food in the house.

We have no lunch food in the house b/c I went to Shop Rite last night, filled my cart, packed my grocery bags, and discovered that my debit card was missing. At 10pm. Talk about humiliating.

My debit card was in the pocket of my jeans, in the laundry, where I stuck it after getting gas on Thursday.

I did buy a stale raspberry donut with cash, to ease the humiliation.

After Roots and Shoots, I have to go to the grocery store.
And I think the kids gave me their germs.

I would like a nap.


kwr221 said...

oohh, days like deserve a do-over. Esp. the forgotten ATM card. And yes, I've been in that same humiliating position. said...

What a week! I can totally relate to the debit card thing, as was the case with me as I pushed my overflowing cart up to the cashier at costco, only to discover that my AmEx was at home. And my debit card? It was a new one, so I didn't know the pin number. I ran out of that store as fast as I possibly could.

Lorrie Veasey said...

somedays you're the windshield some days you're the bug.