Sunday, April 22, 2012

I have stuff to say

I wish I could upload all of the blog posts I've put in my head over the past 18 months. Some were pretty good.

I finally came over here to share a few, only to get sidetracked by reading old posts for the first time ever. Some made me cringe. I hate when I sound stupid. Some made me smile. Some made me cry. Way too many emotions to consider writing about... what was I going to write about? Now all I can think about is how to segue from 10/10 to 4/12.

My little maniacs have grown so much. My fetus is now a toddler, my tween is now a teen, and my middles have shifted from littles to mediums. I wasn't here to talk about peach fuzz or period talks or training a nature boy to wear pants. Although, we still haven't totally mastered that last one.

I can't believe I never introduced our grand finale, S, who has been the most surprising joy of my life (and I've been fortunate to have quite a few happy surprises!) Or that I missed venting about newborn fevers and spinal taps or MSPI. Or the fighting with insurance companies and doctors over multiple issues. Or changing custody arrangements. Or normal, everyday stuffs.

But I guess I mostly wasn't here doing that because I was HERE doing that!

It's been crazy. And wonderful. And miserable. And exhausting. And exhilerating. Basically, the same as before, but with another adorable maniac!