Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am dirty.

As I sit here, unbathed, out of coffee creamer, and dreaming about all of the ways I'd rather be dropping a couple grand right now, Mr. Well Man is dragging 350' of well tubing, or whatever it's called, around my property.

Since H and M are no longer permitted to take baths together, due to the fact that zoning laws prohibit water parks on our lot, H found herself with only 2" of water in the tub last night. Having grown up on city water, the husband and I ran around checking every faucet in the house, hoping that one of these magical water givers would... give water. Nope.

Our pump is kaput.

Not only is our pump kaput, but so is Mr. Well Man's 9-year relationship with his girlfriend. Much of it is due to his now-ex-girlfriend suddenly deciding that his special needs daughter actually is a problem for her. And while he doesn't know how we guys might feel, he's just not up for the task of starting over.
I just thought that you all might want to know that, since it's apparently something that random people should be interested in at 8am when they have 4 kids, 2 cats, 2 dogs, no water, and a gymnastics class and doctor's appointment to get to


Amy said...

I hope you have water soon! My parents had a well... lack of electricity sucked more so than usual during storms. And I'm not a nice person if I can't take a shower.

soulmoxie said...

shitty. I grew up with a well. it went dry a few times. and the pipes froze, but that was a whole different issue due to my parent's trying to freeze us in our sleep. No, contrary to popular belief, dry wells and frozen pipes do not build character.

kwr221 said...

Hopefully, by now you've been luxuriating in decadent bubble baths to make up for that hardship!