Friday, October 31, 2008

The benefits of messing with Halloween

Our Oct. 26th Halloween couldn't have been better. We had the perfect weather. We had well-behaved kids (even by our standards.) We had a great time.

Fast forward to Oct. 31st.

Our snow is still hanging around, though it's no longer close to 13".

Certain little people have been going on candy binges. Not from their own candy stash.

And J is sick. No connection to candy binges... as far as I can tell.

Yes, I feel a slight twinge of sadness/pity/guilt, but I'm definitely thrilled to call off another day of dressing up and candy begging.

They had a perfect Halloween, and they seem to be okay with the situation. That, or they realize that whining will put all Snickers bars at risk.

To the rest of you, have a safe and happy Halloween. Once we're done detoxing over here, we'll send best wishes for easy withdrawals in your homes.

1 comment:

Judy M. said...

Ah, candy withdrawal. 'Tis not a good thing. :) Wishing you one more spurt of 'Indian Summer' (am I still allowed to use that term?) before winter really sets in.