Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Got dirt?

I do!

Finally, we were able to put down topsoil and seed! I have to be fair and say that the husband spread most of the dirt. Which was only right, since I spent so much time turning soil and digging up rocks and nagging him to bring home a wheelbarrow, which he never did. So he moved the earth for me. In broad daylight! :)

But now I'm paranoid. We watered on Saturday and it rained most of Sunday. Yesterday had me freaking, though. We didn't just get water. We got this:

No, those aren't fancy little pebbles in my driveway.

No twinkle light net in my (bad) juniper bushes.

Just the second worst hail storm I think I've ever seen.

So, now I'm worried about my poor little seed babies. I think quite a few were washed away. Now I'm checking my dirt every hour. Are they drying out and thirsty? Will the sprinkler over soak them and rot them out? I saw the hoof prints of a renegade deer. Where they scared? Will I have hoof-shaped bare spots?

Send good, green thoughts please!

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kwr221 said...

Mother Nature wouldn't hurt her own, would she?

Keep us posted!