Sunday, January 4, 2009

I am one in a million... or thereabout

Warning- this post may contain TMI. But it's TMI I think everyone should hear.

After C was born, I got the Mirena IUD, and loved it from day 1. I catch pregnancy more often than colds, so a 99.9% efficacy rate with no effort was a great thing for me. Until I found myself in the .1%. On December 5th, I had a positive home pregnancy test.

The husband and I were in severe shock, without a clue as to how to react. We had recently talked about the idea of having another maniac in the future- the much-more-than-9-month future.

I immediately went through bunches of tests and had the IUD removed, but still couldn't wrap my mind around the situation. Before I was able to, I was miscarrying. Or so we thought. More tests, more needles.

My hcg levels kept rising. Dec. 17th had me in the hospital, diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy. Treatment was methotrexate, a chemo drug. And it's a giant needle!

Those 2 weeks were hell, but we felt we were reaching the light at the end of the tunnel in time to celebrate the holidays. My family came up from Georgia on the 23rd and it was a whirlwind of red and green to the 26th. The 27th was our day of rest, and we headed out to visit the inlaws on the 28th.

That afternoon, as we sat down to eat, I started to feel "off" and left the table for the bathroom, where I nearly passed out before lying on the floor in an instant pool of sweat. Within minutes, I was having my very first ambulance ride!

Despite having the doctor call ahead, I waited around for a few hours for more tests and needles. Long story short (and details fuzzy), I was told that everything seemed to be fine. I stayed in the ER until 3am and in a recovery room until 11am being "observed" before heading home feeling great and starving for real food!

I took it easy on Tues, Dec. 30th, while the husband went to gather the maniac's from Grandma's house. He was on his way home when I found myself in my own bathroom, feeling much like I had on Sunday. He scooped me up and hauled me out to our regular hospital.

I almost considered not going. It had been a big hullaballo over nothing the last time, right? But I did, just in case. A good decision, considering I was whisked off for emergency surgery where my fallopian tube was removed, along with a liter of blood from my abdomen.

I spent New Year's Eve in a morphine fog. I spent New Year's Day vomiting. I spent Jan. 2nd willing my body to keep water down. And I spent Jan. 3rd begging to get home.

I did manage to come home yesterday, thank goodness. J came home with us so I won't be alone when the husband has to leave the house. The littles are still at Grandma's and I miss them terribly. I'm sore as all get out, but I'm finally eating like a real person and I've managed to get somewhat comfortable in bed with my laptop. I'm headed into the annoying stage, where I'm all snippy and bored. Most importantly, this nightmare is almost behind us.

In the end, I'm still a fan of IUDs. I won't be getting another one now that I know how much lightning loves me. I will continue to play the lottery, though!
I want to share this story because I know that many women experience the pleasure of doing away with their periods with the Mirena. If you are one of those people, or you know one of those people, please be aware of the importance of stocking up on home pregnancy tests and using them monthly, just to be certain. Despite discovering my pregnancy and its circumstance early, I experienced complications with NO warning signs. In fact, all of the markers were positive. I hate to think that others might go much longer without intervention because they're 99.9% sure they couldn't be pregnant.

There will be more than enough women in the .1 percentile. I wish I could spare them all from being even rarer freaks like me!

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Lorrie Veasey said...

Oooooo C!
I am SO SORRY-what a way to start the New Year. Sending you huge cyber hugs and hoping you are 100% soon. Very glad you are ok, and really, who needs two fallopian tubes anyway?
again, big hugs and some virtual soup.