Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chip couldn't chop chocolate chips 'cause Chip chipped his chocolate chip chopper.

I'm feeling guilty about pestering Judy to get back to blogging while I'm still slacking. I'm finally starting to get back into the swing of normal life, and Lorrie has provided me with a good jumping point to dive back into my blogs. As I continue to tiptoe back into routines, I'm hoping life will start providing me with more blog fodder. Hopefully, not TOO much!

Swinging, jumping, diving, tiptoeing... Two weeks ago, the though of doing any of those things would have been enough to make me cry out in pain. Now the thought just exhausts me, lol.

So I'm going to play the Alphabet Super Game. Lorrie blogged 10 of her favorite things that start with the letter J, and she's assigned me the letter C. Suffice to say, "cesarean" is not on my list. I tip my hat to those of you who've done the real deal!

1. I love my cocoon. While I may be a bit stir crazy right now, I'm still a genuine homebody, and I like to be left alone. I live in the boonies, in a gated community, on a quiet street, on a large lot, with tons of trees to hide my little house.
Even within my home, my bedroom is set apart from the rest of the house, the only real room on the second floor. Here is where I have my laptop, my TiVo, my favorite blankets, my own bathroom, and even a private balcony, where I can see all the way out to the Delaware Water Gap, but nobody can see me.
If grocery delivery service was available out here, I would be the ultimate hermit.
When this is your backyard, how can you not?

2. I love candles. I think it's a genetic thing. My mom and aunts love candles, too. I've branched out from wick candles though, and I've become obsessed with tarts. My favorite wahm tart maker has closed up shop, and I'm none too pleased. Something about wanting more time with her 4 kids or some such crap. The nerve.
I now get my tart fixes through The Tart Shack and Cat Lady Candles. Great prices, great products. If you happen to place an order, tell 'em TooOfEach sent ya.

3. I love camping. I've been doing it all my life. Tent, cabin, trailer, I've experienced everything from outhouses to full indoor plumbing. The only thing you won't catch me doing is digging my own "bathroom". Everyone has their limits.
I grew up in a campground. From Memorial Day to Labor Day (with occasional weekends in the off season), we pretty much lived on a working farm/family campground. I was building campfires at age 8 and sneaking out into the woods to make out with boys at 13.
No, my kids have not been introduced to camping!
Still, aside from the making out part, I really wish I could give my kids that kind of lifestyle. My sisters and I had a freedom that just can't be given in "the real world". Here, I don't really want The Village coming near my kids. There, The Village was a warm, loving, caring, wonderful family, and they still have a big piece of my heart.
PAC, represent!

4. I love children. Specifically, MY children. OPK (other people's kids) kind of freak me out. Sometimes it's because OPK are monsters in their own right, but it's usually because I don't know how to deal with them. I mean, I know when it's appropriate to tell my maniacs to shut up. I hear that some parents don't like to have that said to their children. I'm comfortable dropping the occasional F-bomb. Some are opposed to that. And I call kids out on their crappy behavior. That created quite a few issues when we lived in a large apartment complex.
I've been called a hard ass, which I find really amusing when I look at my dds' bedroom, where the walls are covered in crayon and the carpet is stained beyond repair. My sticking points are clearly WAY different from other parents'.
I don't have the needed skills (or bank account) to be another Michelle Duggar, but I truly love having a house full of loud, rambunctious, enthusiastic, curious maniacs. We've made no official decisions for the future, but it is entirely possible that another maniac may wander in somehow, someday, from somewhere. At this point, all I ask is that my uterus not be involved for at least the next few years, if ever.

5. I love my Keruig. Okay, that doesn't start with C, but the coffee it makes does. I've really only been a coffee drinker since becoming a parent, and I've become more of an enthusiast with the birth of each child. Number 4 drove me to my Keruig, and the ability to make the perfect cup each and every time in mere seconds. Green Mountain Dark Magic is my life saver.

6. I love cats, even my crazy ones. Sure, I love dogs, too. But my cats require almost no effort on my part. A little food, a little water, a little litter scooping, and they're good to go. And I have kids to feed them and the husband to scoop poo. So I just sit back and enjoy their antics. They score extra points for being unable to bark when the UPS man comes, or when the kids get even a little crazy. And they shed much less than two 90lb dogs!

7. I love loose change. Yeah, that's a weird one. But I recently discovered that the coin machine in one of our grocery stores can give you Amazon credits. I just think that's the neatest thing! Totally guilt-free shopping! Do not kill my buzz with mention of counting fees.

8. I love coupons. I've missed 2 weeks of The Grocery Game, but I've kept up on my coupon clipping. Now that I've learned how to use them most effictively, I'm kind of an addict. Not only do I buy 2-3 papers each week, but my in-laws hook me up with the inserts from about a dozen more. Am I crazy? Sure. But my grocery receipts can kick your grocery receipts' asses.

9. I love to have my cake and eat it, too. Just hold the icing, please. I'm not into sugary-sweet, but a moist, plain cake... Mmm. I guarentee I could eat an entire chocolate cake sans gloppy sugar in one sitting. Not that I've ever tried to do so. I spend all my time trying NOT to. This is where those little microwave cakes come in handy.

10. I love my Cricut Expression. I also love the deal I got on it on Black Friday. I've only been able to use it a few times since bringing it home, but it is the coolest thing ever. I used it to make a couple of cards at Christmas, calendar stuff for M, who really doesn't want to memorize the months of the year, cute little boxes to organize all of our flash cards, and I'm currently planning vinyl wall stickers for the girls' room and one of my big, blank walls. One of these days, I'll actually get back to scrapbooking.

There are lots of C-named people in my life, but I didn't think it would be fair to name them. My favorites know who they are. And I do happen to consider MYSELF a pretty great C-person! :-)

Care to try this little exercise? Let me know, and I'll assign you a letter.

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