Monday, January 19, 2009

Big mouths

H and M were born to fulfill my mother's curse. She wished I'd have kids just like me, but I think she made sure the cosmos upped the ante.

My daughters have always been just like me- but at least half a dozen years ahead of the game. Sometimes it's like living with very short teenagers.

But they do have their moments. Moments that crack me up, and moments that stop me in my tracks. And the best ones are the completely age-appropriate ones!

I'm terrible at remembering to record these moments for posterity (and future humiliation), but it's something I really want to work on. So here are a few of H's from the past couple of days.

"I hear a banjo. Who in the world plays the banjo these days?"

Coming into the house after I had been cooking: "Why do I taste hamburger air?"

After harping on our dog for 20 minutes about every single little thing he was doing:
Me- "Why must you YELL at that dog?!"
H- "So he can hear me."

When asked who will be our President tomorrow:
"Rock Obama!"

Rock on, H!

1 comment:

Lorrie Veasey said...

why do I taste hamburger air is now one of my all time favorites.

I think I need the t shirt.