Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I've been working hard on my front lawn. When we moved in, it was basically 2 giant clumps of juniper bushes. Bad juniper bushes.

The husband was driving a monster pick up truck back then. He tied the juniper bushes to the truck, and floored it. We got one clump out before we began to worry about breaking the (company owned) truck.

Since then, the yard has sat mostly untouched. Don't judge me too harshly. You can't see the yard from the road.

We get these weird "flowers" around here.

Pretty, right?

Wrong. They hurt.

The spikes eat through every pair of gloves I've tried. The only way to get rid of them (b/c they multiply like crazy) is to dig them out. And when your ground is as rocky as ours, "digging" means taking a pitch fork to them.

So, I decided to attack the spike monsters in our neglected front yard. By the time I got to most of them, I had ripped up a good chunk of the yard. So I kept going.

And going.

While the kids enjoyed their new mud pit, I used the 3,742 rocks I dug up to make a new rock wall.

And now, while I wait for my delivery of "good" dirt, my maniacs are taking full advantage of the situation.

Sugar and spice, my butt.

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kwr221 said...

Love the pics. I bet laundry day is fun at your house. :-)

Those pretty purple wildflowers are thistles, but you knew that right?