Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have no idea what to write about today, but I'm in danger of completely abandoning yet another blog if I don't write *something. And I don't want to be the only person left on the planet without one. Not that I'm really sure why that bothers me.

What has been going on lately...
Ex told J that he could sign up for the cyber charter school. I'm still nervous that he'll yank that rug before the school year starts, which makes it hard to celebrate.

I caught M trying to put a banana peel under her bed. I know she's heard me talking about trying to start composting, so maybe she's trying to do her part.

H has lost her second front tooth and looks absolutely adorable. Now there's more room for her thumb @@.

C... oh, C is driving me banana peels. He's learned to climb up the fireplace hearth, onto the coffee table, and onto the husband's recliner, which both spins and rocks. He's ignored all feline warning signs and continues to treat the cats like mobile stuffed animals. He has me just about ready to pay over $100 for a snap press to replace all of the velcro on his diapers. Nude baby after fruit cup is not fun.

I've ordered 90% of the books we need for the school year, built a rock wall in my front yard that looks *gawjus, and we're ready for top soil and grass seed. When the yard is finished, I'll learn how to upload pictures.

Sadly, that describes an extremely busy week for me, and it's only Wednesday!

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