Monday, February 23, 2009

Maybe I should be

A little paranoia can be a good thing, right?

I've always known my kids were intent on sucking the life out of me through their collective whining, destruction and general mischievous ways. It didn't take them long to discover the power of teamwork. And now they're planning to build an army to finally finish me off. Really!

The girls have been testing their engineering skills lately. A couple of weeks ago, they rounded up a tape measure, some paper towel tubes, and a bunch of grapes and created a grape delivery system. It's a simple small scale model right now, but they have high hopes for a V2.0 that will carry grapes from the refrigerator to their bedroom (not that they're supposed to have food in their bedroom, but who cares about those little details, right?) instead of from the coffee table to a bowl on the floor. The important part is that it "worked."

After that success, they decided to design a voice activated system that would only allow the two of them entry to their room and sound an alarm when intruders made an attempt to get it. When it became clear that a major component of this project consisted of piling toys and furniture in front of their door, I had to shut them down for code violations, but I'm pretty sure the wheels are still turning inside their heads.

And now there's the army. They've decided to build robot brothers and sisters. So far, it's only a plan on paper, but I know how fast and sneaky these kids can be. I managed to sneak the specs from their files.
M is left handed (and 5!), so we still have lots of work to do on her mirror writing, but notice how that's mostly on the left side, following the direction of the arrows. Genius!

Also note the "armpets". I take this to mean they intend to knock me out with stanky robots. I need to get to the recycling center and dump all of the metal that's lying around this house, quick!

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