Thursday, December 11, 2008

I hope Bambi is dead

I have never been a fan of hunting. Not that I'm an actual fan now, but I've gone from thinking it's a mean, despicable, unnecessary hobby to almost being willing to take up arms in effort to thin the herds of filthy, tick carrying, poop dropping rats with hooves.

But I can't even manage to secure scissors in my home. There's no way I could trust a gun safe with my maniacs around. Plus, hunting season starts on Cyber Monday, and I'm not missing that. And I hate the cold. And neon orange is not my color. And I doubt I could bring myself to touch a dead deer.

So, as I sat here surfing the internet, two loud shots rang out. I don't usually hear the hunters. Hunting not permitted in our development, and they usually go pretty deep into the game lands we border.

We do, however, have a lot of wack jobs around here. The SWAT team was behind my house a few weeks ago. We've had a string of burglaries. There was a suicide a few months ago. The convenience store down the road (conveniently located next to a gun shop) was robbed (again) last week. And I know where the drug dealers live. Some of them, at least.

Welcome to the country! To think, I used to dream about living in NYC.

So, as I sit here contemplating the gun shots I heard a few minutes ago, I hope Bambi is dead. But now I'll be tracking the news sites to be sure. I miss NJ.


Anonymous said...

Wow, your world is so different to my own...I dont think Ive ever heard a gunshot here....

We have the same hassle with Kangaroos...people see them as cute little animals in zoos and they have become a real hazard in rural accidents, clawing children not sure what the answer is though

PearlsOfSomething said...

Yup. While I'm unaware of any incidents of deer clawing children, I have seen a YouTube video of one attacking a child! Fortunately, mine have given up on trying to catch one.

We're in a pretty tourist-y area with a growing population of former city folk. They adore the "cute" deer, and even feed them. Ugh. They see no connection between that and the carcasses littering the roads.

It's a very strange, very diverse (in all ways) area. Please don't think it's an accurate snap shot of the whole country! It truly is its own little world!

Amy said...

Here's hoping it was just Bambi and not something else. We've had some weird stuff happen here lately. DH and I swore we heard an explosion a few weeks ago... but no sirens, no news coverage, nothing. And the mom of one of Maddie's friends told me that she woke up one morning pre-dawn to hear someone trying to open her front door. They live in the same neighborhood as us.


I hear loud bangs ring out in the dead of night in my neighborhood all the time. And I always hope it's just the sound of a car back firing. In the 8 years we've lived here we have had two or three shootings at the local Sev around the corner and a lot of other crazy shenanigans. Man I miss the country.