Thursday, April 22, 2010

Insert interesting title here (or not)

Oh. Em. Gee.
10 days on the injured list and I'm ready to scream! But I'm miserable enough dealing with it. I don't want to write about it, too.

Instead, I'll write about one of my homeschooling weaknesses. My favorite homeschool weakness, in fact.
I love sarcastic answers.
H may be the queen of sarcastic answers for the K-4 set. Unfortunately, I find it too entertaining (and sometimes even impressive) to make a big deal of it.

Name something that is about 12". A foot.
Explain the difference between multiplication and division. Multiplication multiplies and division divides.
Is 2x4 more or less than 3x3? Yes.
Why do you think so-and-so did such-and-such? Because that's what it says on page 5.

Today, she handed me a worksheet with every "answer" marked "Not fare". (Yeah, I know. We'll get on homophones eventually.) I couldn't wait to examine her reasoning.

Instead, I was confronted with another one of my homeschool weaknesses - attention to detail. I had handed her a worksheet from next week's lesson.

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